Cakewalk Mastery

by VPN Music School
Cakewalk Mastery Collaborator Earl F. Smith LA singer-songwriter, sound editor, engineer, and producer, Earl F. Smith began his music career using Cakewalk. As such, he knows the software well. Earl shares tried-and-true principles from 15 years of industry experience to make mastering Cakewalk a piece of cake. In Cakewalk Mastery, you’ll learn: 1) How to build a song using multiple tracks and a MIDI keyboard 2) How to create great sounding drum parts 3) What “Plug-ins” are and how to use them 4) How to best setup your audio interface 5) How to get a professional sound through Cakewalk Sonar Platinum version Earl has a wealth of studio knowledge and professional experience. Whether digital recording is a hobby or a career, you’ll learn how to get the most out of your software. Sign up today to begin your journey to great sound! SPECIAL OFFER: 10% off for a limited time! (Regular $100/hr) **PACIFIC TIME ZONE**