Designer Mentorship

by ijewl
Designer Mentorship This is an in-person event Wednesdays
22 West 48th Street, 1400
New York, NY 10036
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Collaborator Kristin Hanson Session 1: • visualize • concept development • drawing • painting • collage art • painting • collage art • Learn how to design a collection far beyond your skill. What if anything you think of was possible? Learn to look at jewelry as more of an art form, a drawing, painting or sculpture. Students will have a full story telling portfolio that is the book and blueprint for your new jewelry collection. Session 2: • photography • structure and form • color coordination• metal properties • focus on how to complete the next phase of your portfolio. Learn how to draw inspiration from your own life to curate forms, colors, textures and intricate details that you will include in your personal designs. Session 3: • gem discovery • intro to diamonds • collection development • retail vs wholesale • Begin to use a variety of helpful tools to design, measure, discover metals, gems, diamonds and a whole world of possibility. Review your sketches, collage work, photographs and found objects to find a signature form that will be a thread throughout your collection. Session 4: • pricing strategy • finding clients • brand identity • into to Web • social media • production insights • When your storytelling portfolio is complete you will be ready to begin creating your jewels. Need help with manufacturing your designs? CONTACT FOR MORE INFO -