Handpan Clinic with Liron Meyuhas

by Pantam Collective
Handpan Clinic with Liron Meyuhas This is an in-person event
Thu, 05 December 2019
07:00PM - 09:00PM (EST)
Event past
Adam's Loft
1093 Putnam Ave, Apt E
Brooklyn, New York 11221
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Artist Liron Meyuhas Organizer Adam Maalouf Liron Meyuhas is a percussion artist, handpan player, ensemble leader, singer, a teacher and creator. A nomad with roots in the alleys of Jerusalem, Meyuhas has studied rhythm in Africa, Jazz in Italy and Arabic drumming in the Sinai. Israel’s first female Pantam artist, she has performed in the US, Brazil, Czech Republic, Russia and throughout Europe. In honor of her new album “La Gitana” (The Gypsy in Italian), followed by a tour of Italy, she is returning to Europe and Israel with an explosive show of harmony, rhythm and transcendence. From intimate solo shows to a full band experience, the Gypsy will find her way to the ears, hips and hearts. Autumn has arrived, the caravan is moving and La Gitana is on the road again. Let us gather. Oriental Beats: A Percussion Workshop by Liron Meyuhas Goals: Introducing percussion techniques from North Africa, the Middle East and Turkey Participants will become acquainted with different percussion instruments from the Mediterranean basin Method: Introduction to different instruments, technical practice, percussion ensemble Equipment Requirements: Handpans and percussion provided by Pantam Collective, but you may also bring your own ***Maximum 12 participants