journey to Palestine

by Trio from Palestine
journey to Palestine Sundays
Rammalah, palestine 00972
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Collaborator Trio from Palestine
Friends Journey 

It is a musical show that combines the long friendship of 15 years between three professional musicians and their different musical experiences.

Their music consists of pieces composed by the members of the group, and re-arranged musical pieces of different genres (Oriental pieces and international -world known-pieces) for violin, guitar and percussion.

 The first performances of the trio began in France in 2011, where it was well received by the French community, and later on developed -in the year 2017- by hosting other Palestinian musicians and giving performances in different cities in Palestine.

What distinguishes the Friends Journey is the special way they communicate and understand each other during performances. That shows due to their ability to improvise on cue, change pieces smoothly, their capability of pleasing the listeners, and playing songs that are not in their program if asked by the audience.

Amir Malhis - Guitar

Mahmoud Karzon – Violin

Mohammed Karzon – Percussion