Women’s Sacred Medicine Gathering w/Liliana Flaming Feather

by Natural Healing Collective NYC
Women’s Sacred Medicine Gathering w/Liliana Flaming Feather Organizer Maya Martinez Gomez Instructor Liliana Mejia Collaborator Odalys Villanueva This Ceremony is one of 2 of Liliana's last ceremonies in NYC for a while. This is a women's only, intimate gathering with grandmother medicine on preparation for the Full Moon where we'll be working with the light reflected on the face of our heavenly sister inside of ourselves, bringing light to the dark corners, and also casting a shadow that we are able to connect to and embrace, in order to shed what no longer serves us and open space physically and ethereally for the new to come. Ceremony will be led by Lili Flaming Feather and it will be preceded by a Women's Moon Circle open to all women even if not participating in the Medicine Ceremony. After the circle, only the small group participating in the Ceremony will stay. We'll begin with a sound bath and guided meditation accompanied by rappé to set a clear intention, cleanse and prepare for the medicine. During the night Lili and her team will be performing a ritual to open the third eye and heart channels as well as the communication to the ancestors for those that wish to receive it. Kambó ceremony will be offered in the morning for those interested. Kambó is a frog secretion from Phyllomedusa bicolor, a tree frog that inhabits certain areas of the Amazon rainforest in Colombia, Peru and Brazil. Kambó stimulates the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system making it a powerful medicine to rebalance, cleanse and heal our entire body, energy system and soul. Research has revealed that this frog secretion contains a number of highly effective substances, the main ones being dermorphine and deltorphin, belonging to the peptide group. Kambó is highly recommended before or after other medicines to help integrate the work. Please RSVP separately as well if interested.