Live Binaural Sound Meditation

by The Dojo Upstate
Live Binaural Sound Meditation
Thu, 18 June 2020
08:00PM - 08:30PM (EDT)
Event past
Organizer The Dojo Upstate Eliza and Josh of The Dojo Upstate bring you on a uniquely immersive and relaxing sound journey and meditation on presence and awareness in vivid 3D binaural sound. Set in an ambisonic listening room housing a 22-loudspeaker array--The Dojo, they utilize a unique sound technology for headphones to bring you, the listener, into the room with them and the instruments. This visceral 1-hour experience provides a space for recovery, relaxation, calm and balance. Be sure to wear headphones for the full 3D sound experience and to find a quiet space. Using an eye mask is suggested for the journey. Expect guided breathwork and an array of acoustic instruments (Himalayan singing bowls, chimes, and stringed instruments), in mindblowing spatial fidelity. We hope you enjoy the time to engage in deep listening, using sound as the vehicle for self-inquiry, and as a tool for bringing us back to feeling grounded and reminding us of our ability to internally realign. ​ With love, Josh & Eliza