SEASON PASS "Room | to | Breathe"

by the cell
SEASON PASS "Room | to | Breathe" 09 Jul, 2020, 12:00PM to
12 Sep, 2020, 9:00PM (EDT)
Event past
Artist Louis Levitt Advisor Beth Beauchamp Michael Kelly Organizer the cell GRAMMY NOMINATED RECORD LABEL BRIGHT SHINY THINGS LAUNCHES A SIX PART LIVE HD STREAMING CONCERT SERIES DUBBED ROOM | TO | BREATHE PRESENTED IN COLLABORATION WITH NANCY MANOCHERIAN’S THE CELL Broadcast live from the Cell and curated by co-artistic directors Blythe Gaissert, Louis Levitt, and Michael Kelly, ROOM | TO | BREATHE celebrates intersections of musical styles from classical to contemporary, spoken word, visual and performance art. All performances are thematically aligned with a charitable organization, which will receive a portion of ticket sales in addition to donations. A Season Pass ticket includes access to livestream and rebroadcast events for all six concerts, as well as the ability to watch anytime after the rebroadcast. The price for this ticket is $125 T Stands For… Saturday, June 27th 5pm and 8pm As a part of June’s Pride Month celebration, “T Stands For…” unites artists around the rallying cry, “we are stronger when we rise together.” Joy, struggle and liberation are expressed through music across ages and styles. This event and our performers stand up with the transgender community as they work to undo the social hurdles, injustices and violence they face everyday. Part of all proceeds will be donated to The Black Trans Advocacy Coalition. Artists include: Blythe Gaissert, mezzo-soprano Benedicte Jourdois, piano John Kelly, performance artist Michael Kelly, baritone Louis Levitt, double bass Andrew Yee, cello Divine Feminine Saturday, July 11th 5pm and 8pm “Femininity is depicted as weakness, the sapping of strength, yet masculinity is so fragile that apparently even the slightest brush with the feminine destroys it.” This quote by Gwen Swap serves as inspiration for “Divine Feminine” in which we will break open your expectations of where femininity can thrive. Part of all proceeds will benefit Step Up (, an organization that empowers girls to fulfill their potential. Artists: Amanda Gookin's Forward Music Project: Multimedia works for solo cello that elevate stories of feminine empowerment AND SHE Jessica Meyer - composer, librettist, actor, violist, vocalist Caroline Fermin - choreographer, dancer Further artists TBA Culture Creatures Saturday, July 25th 5pm and 8pm Our cultural landscape is a tapestry of colorful patterns stitched together by experience and circumstance. In diversity there is strength. Music and art draw from this in abundance. “Culture Creatures” weaves together a unique tapestry made up of the great variety available to us. Part of all proceeds will benefit The Young Center For Immigrant Children's Rights ( Artists: Bombay Rickey’s -Kamala Sankarum (voice, accordion) & Drew Fleming (guitar, voice) Kevork Mourad, visual artist Further artists TBA Breaking Waves Saturday, August 8th 5pm and 8pm Across oceans, as well as right in our own backyard, the world’s population fights for access to basic healthcare needs. As we face the global pandemic, these needs are urgent and greater than ever. “Breaking Waves” engages with the seemingly endless fight for access through sound and spoken word. Part of all proceeds will benefit Partners in Health. ( Artists: The Weeklies, a highly anticipated new trio of violinist Jonathan Miron, guitarist Jordan Dodson, & double bassist Louis Levitt. Further Artists TBA Sound | in | Sight Saturday, August 22 5pm and 8pm It’s not hard to see that science matters and can help us overcome the many challenges we face on this planet. “Sound | in | Sight” celebrates the beauty of earth, the truth about its fragility and the reason that can guide us through. Part of all proceeds benefit Union of Concerned Scientists, an organization that uses science to solve the plant’s most pressing problems. ( Artists: Curtis Stewart, violinist of the Grammy nominated Publiquartet and Grammy winner celllist Mike Block Blythe Gaissert, mezzo-soprano Louis Levitt, double bass Michael Kelly, baritone William Hobbs, piano World Hold On Saturday, Sept 12 5pm and 8pm The beat. The pulse. The unifying rhythm of human existence. We are all one. “World Hold On” unites us through sound, rhythm and poetry that exemplify the very base structure of our plight here on earth. To be fed, to be sheltered, to be loved. Cultures, language, and even oceans may separate us, but the beating of our hearts unites us. The program will include the world premiere of Dalit Warshaw’s “Dream Land.” Part of all proceeds will benefit Rise Against Hunger. ( Artists: Andriane Dandrich; soprano Blythe Gaissert, mezzo-soprano Louis Levitt, double bass Michael Kelly, baritone Shane Shanahan, percussion/composer Dalit Warshaw, piano/composer