Sitar Tuning Group class of Two

by Sitar Niketan
Sitar Tuning Group class of Two Wednesdays and Thursdays
Sitar Niketan
1403 Mimosa Ln
Silver Spring, MD 20904
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Organizer Sitar Niketan
This is one of the most essential class which every sitar student needs to take. 
This class will  train students how to tune by the ear and the intricate details of the science involved.
Recognizing the pitch and learning how to tune the sitar is one of the most important aspect of learning the music itself .  Since the tuning pegs of of the sitar are plain wooden pegs the tuning constantly varies with change of place and temperature . The student must learn how to  tune it back every time to play in  tune!
The proper method of body and hand position  and  right method of how to apply pressure to stabilize the tuning knobs  will be shown in details .This tuning  class will  help  the student’s musical  growth immensely.
Note : Alk new inquiries need to reach out to and complete registration befure signing up fir classes 🙏🏽