Somatic principles for therapeutic benefit

by The Iris-Kaplan Center
Somatic principles for therapeutic benefit This is an in-person event
Wed, 04 December 2019
04:30PM - 06:30PM (EST)
Event past
Vessel Studio
276 5th Ave (Suite 1101)
New York, New York 10001
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Producer Iris Kaplan Organizer Chloe Hooton “Caregivers and Wellness Providers are able to offer their highest contributions when they are equipped with the tools to self regulate and achieve a balanced state of homeostasis. The field of Somatics offers a rich array of such tools. My layered background - as a Medical Massage Therapist, Registered Somatic Movement therapist/educator, Dance/ Movement researcher, Community Engagement facilitator and Dance/ Somatic Movement educator for the University of Madison-Wisconsin, professional Modern Dance performer/ choreographer/ producer, visual artist, scholar and business owner - has led me to develop a Somatic Movement method which addresses layered sources of embodied tension and stress. Somatic tools have profoundly assisted my journey of fluidly establishing appropriate boundaries and meaningful relationships with clients, students and colleagues. I’ve also been grateful for strengthened connections in my personal life due to Somatic awareness and regulation practices which allow me to more readily empathize and move forward through conflict. My workshops incorporate Somatic Therapy demonstrations, brief lectures, hands on practice, therapeutic creative exercises, and group-connection exercises which can contribute to a balanced, positive morale in the workplace.” - Heidi Krause: RSMT/E, CMA, CYT, LLC Educator for University of Madison-Wisconsin- Continuing Studies Division