Wellness Yoga - 30 mts Private

by Chhandayan Education
Wellness Yoga - 30 mts Private Tickets unavailable at this time This event is streaming online 14 Sep, 2021, 1:00AM to
13 Sep, 2023, 1:00PM (EDT)
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Director Ethan Fox Abhik Mukherjee Organizer Chhandayan Education Instructor Rajashree Choudhury
 Chhandayan looks at Music, Mediation and Yoga as an integrated system towards well-being. A healthy body helps in realizing a sublime experience of life. It prepares towards the absorption of the effects of musical frequencies.

Rajashree is an internationally acclaimed personality in the field of Yoga. She has several years of experiences in the practice, performance and teaching the art of Yoga. She maintains a moderate approach in her teaching methodology, keeping in mind that everybody has a different body. She has personalized the guidance she received and continues to receive from several leading personalities from fields of Yoga, Medicine and Spirituality. Her technical is not only flexible, but also unique in customization. According to her Yoga is not only for those with physical capabilities; Yoga is for everyone. Everyone has equal right to benefit from this ancient Indian tradition towards wellness.