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"I teach at different studios, and I didn't have a central way to interact with all my students under my own brand till now."

Viewcy’s tools make it easy for freelance instructors.

Branded Webpage
Interactive Calendar
Accept Secure Online Payments
Track Attendance

As a freelance instructor, scheduling lessons, tracking students, and collecting payments should be streamlined and effortless, so you can focus on the real work: instructing students, and realizing the full potential of your studio. We feel that's where the magic lies, and we wanted to build a beautiful and intuitive tool to make life better for our own familia: yoga teachers, dance instructors, fitness specialists, and music teachers.

Branded Webpage

Use the sleek webpage that Viewcy produces as your branded home page (YourBrand.viewcy.com), or simply add a link to it to your current website. Either way, you'll get a smart, intuitive, and dynamic web page that looks great on mobile phones. Enable your students to discover all your classes in one central place.

Real-time, Interactive Calendar

Enable your students to RSVP, purchase classes or class packages, all from within the calendar view of your Viewcy website. Viewcy also sends a branded email letting them know that they signed up successfully, helping you build a positive relationship with your students.

Accept Secure Online Payments

Accept secure online payments with almost none of the set-up hassle. We take care of everything including making sure that your site and your money are safely and securely distributed. Using BrainTree as our payments gateway, credit cards are processed at competitive rates (2.9% + $0.30 / transaction).

Easily Track Attendance

Get rid of the sign-in sheet and the spreadsheet! Viewcy lets you easily check attendance, including walk-ins, RSVPs, and online payments. We keep excellent records, so you don't have to.


"By making it easy for students to sign-up and pay, Viewcy helped us be more profitable and at the same time more efficient."

Kristin Hanson
- Jewelry Designer

"Viewcy meets all our organizational needs, and payment methods perfectly and with a clean and easy user experience, while bringing all my tasks into one place, which is exactly what I need to build forward from this stage in my business."

Sameer Gupta
- Professional music educator, and performer

"Running a studio is not my passion; music is. Viewcy takes the pain out of running my business so that I can focus on what I love: Teaching, learning, and making music."

Andrew Mendelson
- Sitar player and film maker.

Abundance flows in the path of least resistance.