Viewcy takes your ideas, your research, your knowledge,...

 and puts it to work for you.


Your story is enough to be a success.  Especially if you let us help you tell it.

 We help you with your:

 Website - with integrated marketing strategy

Payments - Invoicing, Events, Classes, Workshops, Retreats.

Calendar - Schedule events, Log Attendance, 

Logistics - Track "Class Cards" and Packages

Management - Easily post content

You have something to say about your passion?  

Focus on that.

Your passion is everything to you.

Your website should give you RESULTS.

Interact with your People 

1. Your HOME page dynamically updates itself

2. Post content and add events.  Your home page will update itself          -  live example

3. Showcase your OFFERINGS.  

4. Engage your audience using Social Media

5. Collaborate with others to promote and spread the word.

 **Watch your audience engagement rise.**  

Its  2017.   Don't waste time designing a brochure website!   They don't work!  

An interactive Viewcy page will help grow your business while you focus on your passion.

Focus on what you LOVE.

1. Set up prices, and digital punch cards for your OFFERINGS

2. Invoice clients and students who book by phone or text.

3. Track attendance and punch card balances.

4. Online Payments are deposited directly into your bank. 

5. Credit Card fees are 2.9% + $.30 / transaction. 

**With more ways for money to flow - money flows**

Get Paid

We are a small startup - just like you.    We work with ALL our customers to help them maximize their potential.   Contact us here to set up our first session - the focus?  You.   We'll coach you on marketing, optimizing your business model, how to create engaging offerings, and even connect you to other professionals in our network if its in alignment.   Basically - we are here to get into it with you. 

Let our expert team walk you through helping you realize your vision!

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Samarth Nagarkar

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Featured Independant Musician

From the Viewcy Community

Visuality is an acclaimed Ruby on Rails dev shop based in Warsaw.  

Buidling an app?  Contact Visuality

The Viewcy Team

Ehren Hanson is CEO at Viewcy

Cezary Pietruszko is a developer at Viewcy. 

Damian Vietti is a senior developer at Viewcy.  

Align your passion and your business for only

$19 a month.

Don't wait on realizing your dream to spread culture, share your knowledge, and build a business around your passion.

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