Boxcutter Presents: MANIC MONTHLY MISCHIEF! presents “Cafe Du Cheap Artiste!”

by Jalopy Theatre
Boxcutter Presents: MANIC MONTHLY MISCHIEF! presents “Cafe Du Cheap Artiste!” This is an in-person event
Mon, 13 December 2021
08:00PM - 10:00PM (EST)
Jalopy Theatre
315 Columbia St
Brooklyn, NY 11231
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From the wintry lands of northern Vermont, Boxcutter brings you a tradition we learned in the Northeast Kingdom. What do you get when you curate an evening of “too-short-to-suck” performances by a gaggle of broke puppeteers? You might say a “puppet slam,” and you might not be wrong… but we refer to it by its country name, the legendary “Cafe Du Cheap Artiste!”

For our final monthly show at the fabulous, Jalopy Theater, we are excited to host a night of work by local brooklyn artists, and visiting Bread and Puppeteers who are in town doing a residency at Theater for the New City. Inspired by the imminent release of the soon-to-be-classique neo-wave-o sci fi masterpiece, Matrix 4: Resurrections -we bring you a night of terror and technology! Will robot overlords finally beat-out humanity in the evolutionary rat race? Will the metaverse become the ultimate videogame utopia., SimCity: Gen Z edition? Will caveman continue to paint pictures on the cave walls, illuminated by fossil fuel dependence and trash-burning ignorance? Come see a lively night of very short puppet shows that address all of these questions, and more!

Following the puppet shows, we will have a piano party led by Ali Dineen & band! So bring your dancing shoes, and your faraday boxes and be prepared for a whole evening of fun. Come when you want, and stay until you want.

“There is no beginning, and there is no end.” - Mariah Carey

This will be our 4th and final fundraiser for Haiti of 2021. So far we have raised over $1,300 dollars, and we are hoping to add on to that with this final show. A reminder that all ticket money goes directly to Fonkoze, a legit Haiti-based recovery organization, focused on the empowerment of women through financial independence.

Jalopy will be following all state and city distancing and capacity guidelines, along with providing UV powered air filtration and adequate ventilation. We will also be requiring all who attend to show us proof of the following...
Being fully vaccinated and it has been 14 days or longer since your final shot.
Attendees must follow all mask, distancing and hand washing guidelines when in attendance. If you are vaccinated in New York, we encourage you to use Excelsior Pass to prove your vaccination. Excelsior pass is an app for your phone that can hold your vaccination and testing data. Download Excelsior Pass in the apple store or on google play.
NOTE: We will also accept other forms of proof of vaccination from other states including CDC Vaccination cards (with photo id), etc.
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