BRM Weekly: Rosy Dutta Pandit

by Brooklyn Raga Massive
BRM Weekly: Rosy Dutta Pandit Tickets unavailable at this time This is an in-person event
Thu, 26 July 2018
08:00PM - 11:55PM (EDT)
Event past
Jalopy Theatre and School of Music
315 Columbia Street
Brooklyn, New York 11231
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Rosy Dutta Pandit is a senior classical vocalist from Kolkata with extensive training by many legendary artists including Pandit JVS Rao, Pandit Biresh Roy and Dr. Sunanda Patnaik, the 'Tarana Queen' and the living legend of Indian Classical Music. Accompanied by table and harmonium, Rosy brings her deep range and emotionally powerful voice to our weekly concert. Rosy Dutta Pandit is a senior classical vocalist from Kolkata trained by Pandit JVS Rao, who is the legendary disciple of Pandit Vinayak Rao Pattabardhan, as well as Pt Biresh Roy. At present Pandit is undergoing training under the able guidance of Dr. Sunanda Patnaik, another legendary disciple of Pt Vinayak Rao Pattabardhan, the 'Tarana Queen' and the living legend of Indian Classical Music . Pandit has performed at many prestigious classical concerts in Kolkata as well as other renowned musical conferences of India such as Uttarpara Sangeet Chairs, Salt Lake Music Festival, Sangeet Piyasi of Pandit Samar Saha, West Bengal State Music Conference, Dakshini Sangeet Sammelan,Behala Classical Music Festival, very prestigious Chowdhury House Music Concert ,Shantipur Ragini, Sodpur NadBrahmha Sangeet Sammelan, famous Silchor Sangeet Chakra, Pandit BhimsenJoshi Sangeet Samaroh in Gadag, 100 years Celebration of Great Pt Puttaraj Gawai from Puttaraj Gawai Seva Samity in Dharwad of Karnataka, Guru Shishya Parampara Utsav in Bangalore and others. **Special announcement for Musicians!** BRM cordially invites you to join us in the ongoing effort to cultivate a home for intercultural musical dialogue. We are happy to offer FREE ENTRY TO MUSICIANS AFTER 10 PM WHO COME WITH THEIR INSTRUMENTS AND ARE READY TO PLAY! Please come out and engage with one of NYC's most vibrant and diverse communities of improvising musicians hailing from all over the music world!