Colony 3 MARS Improv Quaran-scene EDITION

by Quick Fiction Productions
Colony 3 MARS Improv Quaran-scene EDITION
Wed, 15 April 2020
07:00PM - 08:30PM (PDT)
Event past
Organizer Quick Fiction Productions Watch the wildly successful and always hilarious Colony 3 cast, plus 2 brandspanking new members [the Villainous, coldhearted Evan Muskgrave..., and the scientifically (and sometimes Less scientifically probing) Beverley Crasher!]... asss they try to deal with their own quarantine and keep the Mars HAB rolling! with the odd help from Dwayne at Google Mines, nearby... -YOU, the Audience, can Type at us before the shows (in the Youtube page comments) to give us ideas for ADVERTISEMENTS for Mars and general Space-esplorin'/buildin' PRODUCTS, that you'd like us to have to invent on the fly! - ie: "Hey guys! I'd love to see a zero-G bidet product! :D" ps -Adult content contained!- We'll be donating 50% of all ticket sales ("donations") to people in need during the Pandemic! Email me at to nominate someone you know.