Creative Cauldron: Cosmic Candle

by Duncan Horst
Creative Cauldron: Cosmic Candle
Fri, 03 December 2021
05:00PM - 11:00PM (MST)
Event past
3476 Sunshine Canyon Dr
Boulder, CO 80302
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Organizer Duncan Horst
The Creative Cauldron is a ritual gathering at Boulder's famous Starhouse bringing together arts, hearts, intentions, and dimensions.  All who come will participate.  

The event will formally last from 6pm-10pm at the Starhouse.  Come at 5pm for a stroll of the grounds and checkin before a vegan feast at Morningstar.  We will process to the house at 7pm for three hours of art, music, storytelling, dancing, and living ceremony.

*Ceremonial attire mandatory.  Costume suggestions: the cosmos.  Invoke your cosmic desire in clothing.  Get wild.  Get weird.  Get ready.

*Poetry strongly suggested: compose a poem on your walk with the cosmos.  Bonus points for edgy emotions, personal details, for prayers for the world and your way in it.  Extra bonus for sharing it - you will be accompanied by professional musicians.

Artists, singers, storytellers, poets, dancers, drummers, sound healers, body workers, cacao, and all of YOU.  We create a consensual field to join in community and build energy for deep, artistic prayer.  

We will join in drumming, toning, healing work, storytelling, ritual, prayer, deep listening to sacred musicians, dance, cacao, and feasting.  This is a space for everything and everyone to be felt, held, and resonated.  It is designed to be held in flow, to amplify that journey through all the arts and intentions of those gathered.

The Starhouse has a special energy and is a cultivated, sacred temple to the stars, the signs, the spirits.  This night we will bring the muses to the field and feel their resonance.

Be blessed, be radically free, be here.  Let's make some magic together.  <3