Kyle Tigges

by Jalopy Theatre
Kyle Tigges
Fri, 01 Dec 2023 (EST)
07:00PM - 11:00PM
Event past
Jalopy Theatre
315 Columbia St
Brooklyn, NY 11231
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An evening of music and comedy
$15 Adv. -  $20 Door
7:00pm doors open - 7:30pm show starts

Henry Fitzpatrick (bass)
Juliet Garrett (piano)
Sarah “Small Chucks” Trabue (fiddle)

A newly formed group of friendly people  that play and sing an upbeat & bittersweet mix of newly formed folk tunes.

Sagar Bhatt is a New York City comedian and host of The Anxiety Lab podcast. Most recently he was the winner of the 6th Borough Comedy Festival and a Stand-up NBC finalist. Sagar has previously been a finalist in the Boston Comedy Fest, alongside appearances at the Limestone, Laughing Skull, Bridgetown, and Laugh Your Asheville Off festivals. You may have seen Sagar on Last Comic Standing Season 7, if you were an editor for the show. Sagar has been in videos for Collegehumor and TV spots for Comcast and Puma, and his writing has been featured in McSweeney's. This list of peaks represents the totality of who he is.

Jenni Messner is Honey Wrestler, writer of winter woodland fantasies. Does not love it when big trucks come and take the trees away. Recommended for those who love Joni, Tori, Diane Cluck, and probably the Phoebe Bridgers set but we can’t be sure. She has a MA in contemporary performance from buddhist Naropa University, which serves as a foundation for folkpunk feminist band Maude Gun, a chunk of shock theater, and lately less aggro stylings - folk songs about self, non-self, hope, change, and mostly, the woods. Also a birder.

1977. The year that punk was born.With only hours left to spare it also produced a baby boy in the suburbs of Cork, Ireland, born with his ears piqued to the murmurs and clatter around him.As he grew the soundtrack changed. Nirvana on the Walkman. Leonard Cohen on his sister’s stereo. The surge of bands and songwriters emerging from the 1990’s Cork music scene. Later it became snippets of eavesdropped New York conversation. Tales of woe on the radio. The sights and sounds of tours across Europe.All of it gets woven into a tapestry of words. Then melody. Harmonies added in the studio. Electricity, sincerity, and humor on the stage. At the core of every Niall Connolly song is the story, one that unfolds a layer with each listen.