MOTHER BLUE: A Global Coralition Virtual Benefit

Event Past
MOTHER BLUE: A Global Coralition Virtual Benefit

Day and Time

Sat, 16 May 2020 - Sun, 17 May 2020 02:00PM - 02:00PM (PDT)


Globally on Viewcy • A 24 Hour Virtual Benefit for Global Coralition
Live Performances • Speakers • Ceremonies • Music

With most of the world in quarantine, we are witnessing the effect our choices and actions have on the natural world.
Each of us is a powerful agent of change.

Now is the time to come together for climate change action -for all life on earth.

Join us for an inspiring 24 hour virtual experience benefiting our planet's coral reefs!

Entry is free, and you will have the opportunity to tune in globally and submit online donations to support bringing this project to fruition.


Special performances and talks by

MARC ANGELO COPPOLA (Superhero Academy)


. . . Live Music . . .

Natalia Clavier (Thievery Corporation)
Running Lights
Michael Hewett
Mel Semé
HAT (Remix ⟷ Culture)
Kat Factor
Kéren Or
Inverse K

. . . DJ Sets . . .

Alice Iguchi
Illich Mujica
Iman Rizky
The Age of Aquarius

. . . Ceremonies and Meditations . . .

Shamanic songs with Irka Mateo
Meditation with Michael Hewett
Sound Ceremony with Abigail Divine
Dawn of the Burning Sun

. . . Talks . . .

Adam Taylor (MIGO Water Solutions)
Brooke Darshana (Regenerative Resource Management)
Hannah Mermaid (Ocean Advocate and Model)
Jacob Devaney (
Marc Angelo Coppola (Superhero Academy)
Susi Mai (Mai Tai Global)

and more TBA!


What is the Global Coralition?
We are a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to scaling coral reef restoration through a collaborative model of art, science and community. We create restoration hubs consisting of large-scale sculptural reefs and land-based coral farms, while activating local and global communities for lasting regenerative growth.

Our Mission
Our mission is to help restore our precious ocean ecosystems by using art as a vehicle to empower communities with science to facilitate lasting sustainable change. We engage local communities in at-risk regions, igniting grassroots movements, and collaborate with local restoration groups, ecologists, farmers and fishing communities, hotel developers, and regenerative solutions partners for unified restoration efforts.

The Global Coralition is currently in the Dominican Republic building an underwater sculpture garden inspired by local Taino wisdom, designed to become a new coral reef restoration site.

The next phase of our project in the Dominican Republic takes place at a fishing village in Sosua, where we are working with local communities and ecologists to transform the area into a functioning coral farm for endangered marine species. By collaborating with fishermen, ecologists, schools, and the local community, Global Coralition aims to target the main causes of reef degradation while empowering community with the tools to restore their local ecology.


Day and Time

Sat, 16 May 2020 - Sun, 17 May 2020 02:00PM - 02:00PM (PDT)