Paper Lady / Laveda / Kira McSpice

by Liam Singer
Paper Lady / Laveda / Kira McSpice
Mon, 12 Jun 2023 (EDT)
07:30PM - 10:30PM
Event past
The Avalon Lounge
29 Church St
Catskill, NY 12414
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Paper Lady

Paper Lady is the immortal crone, casting spells and wreaking havoc in Boston MA. Paper Lady consists of Alli Raina, Kenzo Divic, Alex Castile, Will Davila, and Rowan Martin. This 5-piece indie dream rock outfit was formed in the depths of the northeast DIY scene in 2019. They are also occasionally accompanied by Brady Dallas Jones on twelve string guitar.

"In the basements of Boston, Paper Lady is cooking up their own blend of ethereal rock and noisy freak folk. A Paper Lady set is a mesmerizing and whirling wall of sound that washes over you and puts you into a trance. The guitars and keys are well washed in reverb, with the rhythm section cutting through the mix, providing a solid clarity and stand out from the typical dream pop and shoegaze sound. The entire band matches this sound with a harmonized ensemble of outfits that lend themselves to the overall witchy energy they project. All of these factors combine for a very memorable live performance. The band evokes images of wide-open skies on the night of the full moon, rituals with mysterious robed figures chanting in eldritch dialects, and the cyclical nature of the seasons and the stars." - Kyle Serena, Boston Hassle, 2022

They are set to release their new EP, Travelling Exploding Star, in late May of 2023.



Founded by duo Ali Genevich (vocals/guitar) and Jake Brooks (vocals/guitar/synths), Laveda released their polished debut album ‘What Happens After’ in 2020. Drawing a post-apocalyptic landscape through layers of colorful sound and ethereal melodies, the band fused polished pop clarity with ‘90s guitar sounds reminiscent of groups like The Sundays or My Bloody Valentine. Dubbed as “a young band with a fully realized voice and perspective” by NYC’s Look At My Records!, the album saw Laveda attract praise across the US and beyond.

Brooks and Genevich spent most of the summer and fall of 2021 in Los Angeles working again with producer Dylan Herman (Beck, Pynkie) on their second full-length LP. Tapping into all the angst and anxiety that accompanies coming-of-age during bleak and uncertain times, ‘A Place You Grew Up In’ acts like a time-capsule of its inception period, exploring a range of themes from the loss of innocence to the struggles of coming to grips with reality. Balancing tender songs edged with slacker-rock guitars and spiraling otherworldly synths, the album sees Laveda spreading their wings with creations that nod to the lyrical intimacy of contemporaries such as Soccer Mommy or Big Thief, with the expansive sonics of classics acts like Slowdive to The Cranberries.

Kira McSpice

Kira McSpice is a New York based singer-songwriter. Classically trained as a cellist, she mostly performs on guitar and omnichord, while looping dense layers of her distinct soprano voice. Her most recent venture is a 4 album project concerning the stages of a migraine headache: Prodrome, Aura, Attack, and Postdrome grouped together as "The Migraine in 4 Parts". The four albums cover a variety of sonic worlds including ambient, electronic, doom metal, art pop, and freak folk in order to mirror the specific feelings of the different stages. Kira's work often explores themes of mental illness, determinism, and hopelessness, mostly stemming from personal experience.