Private Lesson w/ Annie Keating: What Is Guitar Theory and Why should you care?

by Jalopy Theatre
Private Lesson w/ Annie Keating: What Is Guitar Theory and Why should you care? This is an in-person event 11 Sep, 2021, 12:00PM to
10 May, 2024, 1:00PM (EDT)
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Ever try playing a song but the chords make it too high or low for your voice to sing along and so you give up? Ever wondered how to play a Bb bar chord up the neck of the guitar (using an F bar chords shape) but don’t know what fret to play it at? Ever wondered what people mean when they say things like, “just play the I, IV, V, chords for this tune in the key of G” or scratched your head when told the musical alphabet doesn’t go from A to Z (but rather A to G)? Maybe you’ve even skipped learning tricky chords like Eb or G# (or not realized G# is the same as Ab) because you’re too intimidated by those tricky sharps/flats and music theory in general (is a fret the same as a step, half step, interval or Ahhhhh it’s too confusing! Not anymore. This workshop answers all these any many more questions that relate to KEY CONCEPTS of music theory that relate directly to YOU BECOMING A BETTER GUITAR PLAYER. This is not an intellectual music theory workshop, but rather a PRACTICAL one, outlining the 5 essential concepts you need to master the fretboard and understand your guitar (students should have the ability to play some basic chords as that will be needed for participation.)  Guitar theory can be intimidating, but the goal of this workshop is to make break it down, make it inspiring while make you a better guitar player.  You will gain mastery of chord construction, basic chord theory, guitar scales, intervals and learn how the musical alphabet (A through G not Z!) directly applies to the guitar. This knowledge includes things like understanding that a “fret” is a “half-step” and an “interval” is the distance between 2 notes, how to find the bar chord “root notes”and shapes all the way up the neck and more. We will of course learn to play new songs in the process and you will emerge way more confident with your playing!