REBUILD BEIRUT | Maqam Beirut This is an in-person event
Sat, 12 September 2020
02:00PM - 04:00PM (EDT)
Event past
Organizer Will Thomson REBUILD BEIRUT jess vogel Maqam Beirut is the second concert in our four part series for the Rebuild Beirut Benefit. This concert will be a showcase of Classical Arabic music, featuring international & award winning performers sought after for their mastery of Arabic music stylings including maqam. This 2nd concert comes after a successful first show, Beirut Calling, where we raised nearly $4000 for the organizations and initiatives we’re supporting. The series will continue for the remaining two weekends in September and will spotlight and showcase Lebanese, Arab, and Arab & MENA diaspora artists mixed with popular artists from around the world. The event will be a telethon style fundraiser featuring rotating hosts giving important context and background, making appeals for giving, and introducing the artists. The goals of the event are to raise funds for organizations and initiatives doing immediate as well as longer term work to help Beirut and Lebanon rebuild and recover (particularly for marginalized groups like the LGBTQ community, migrant workers, and refugees living in Lebanon), to make the benefit a space for sharing info and connecting with resources on the ground, and to help create a community that lives beyond the events for artists, musicians, and creators in Beirut to collaborate. We have an amazing line-up of artists, passionate about sharing their work to support the city they love. - George Abud (The Band’s Visit, Emojiland) - Zahra Zubaidi - Delaney Stockli - Nobuko Miyzaki & Joe Aouad as Project Tanween - Clarissa Bitar - With special guest host: Tony Shalhoub and Isabelle Farah Funds raised from the benefit will be distributed between larger relief organizations in Lebanon, small to medium sized NGOs in Lebanon, and hyper local and direct giving initiatives, with a 20 - 40 - 40 split between these groups. Part of our mission in funding raising is to gather funds for organizations and groups that might fall through the cracks in other relief efforts in Lebanon such as the LGBTQ community, migrant workers, and individual businesses. The larger Lebanese relief organizations will be the Lebanese Red Cross and Lebanese Food Bank, small and medium sized NGOs will be FoodBlessed, Baytna Baytak, Basmeh & Zeitooneh, and the Anti-Racism Movement/Migrant Community Center and direct giving initiatives will be This is Lebanon’s Send Us Home Fund and the Fund for Vulnerable LGBT in Beirut (links to all these organizations and initiatives can be found on the "Giving" page of the website). To find out more, find places to give, ways to volunteer, or connect with resources please visit our website