Women’s Samadhi Ceremony w/ Maya & Odalys

by Natural Healing Collective NYC
Women’s Samadhi Ceremony w/ Maya & Odalys 14 Dec, 2019, 5:00PM to
15 Dec, 2019, 1:00AM (EST)
Event past
Our New Space
545 Prospect Pl
Brooklyn, New York 11238
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Organizer Maya Martinez Gomez Artist Odalys Villanueva What is Samadhi? Samadhi, also known as Anahuasca, is a sacred tool for healing extracted from the Tepezcohuite Root as a source of DMT (a tree found in Mexico) and is dehydrated and combined with Syrian Rue as a monoamine oxidase inhibitor. Because it is a plant of the northern hemisphere, Samadhi is considered to have the frequency of the north and it easier digested by inhabitants of the north. Odalys and I have been apprentices for over 4 years with well-known Maestros Cesar De Morey and Perlita Ames from Mexico, who are from the very few families who facilitate this medicine. We call it the "Yo Soy" medicine ("I am" medicine ) as it brings you directly to your inner self. *Exchange: $250 ($50 Registration +$200 cash, Venmo o Paypal) .