Sisterhood Sangha New Moon Circle

by Devi Manet
Sisterhood Sangha New Moon Circle This is an in-person event
Sun, 08 August 2021
01:00PM - 04:00PM (EDT)
Event past
Organizer Devi Manet
Connect with sisters on the path.
Connect to your own Soma- nectar of the gods
Connect to your wise body
Connect & clear the mind
while being held in commUnity
Yoga as union.
We elevate with the breath
activate with sacred cacao
Soar with sound
Share in collective safe space

Inaugural Circle
New Moon in Leo
Sunday 8/8
Cacao Ceremony
Kundalini Breathwork
Sacred Chants & Sounds
Embodied movement

$33 Energy Exchange

We have an extra special treat- Emily Peters will be offering a Somatic Voice Lesson to connect body-mind and express from that embodiment.Since the instrument of the voice is the body, a large part of learning to sing happens within the exploration of body movements, held emotions in the body, and habitual thought patterns. This is called psychosomatics, or somatics, which basically means the study of the body-mind interconnection. To unlock the truest and fullest version of our voices, we must go through the body-mind and unlock its most fluid method of functioning, moving and supporting the voice. She will be sharing songs with us from her recent album release 'The Mother'

Speaking of special treats, anote on the cacao- Devi creates raw stone ground cacao, from bean to bowl. She uses unroasted beans to maintain the enzymatic potency of the cacao and with a low temperature process, grinds the beans into a liquor. There is no watering down involved just pure cacao and sweetened mildly with coconut palm nectar-a mineral rich unrefined sugar. This labor of love is done with the intention of delivering the medicinal benefits of cacao in a most effective and balanced way.

Lioness creative energy will be our focus. All levels are welcome!

We will have raw vegan prasad (blessed food offering)
potluck style

This will be outdoors in the elements, weather permitting, otherwise it will be inside our home temple space.

All female identifying welcome, this is a safe space.

Located in Pembroke Pines, Address sent with registration