Surabhi 2020 - a Chinmaya Mission TriState Center event

by Chinmaya Mission TriState Center
Surabhi 2020 - a Chinmaya Mission TriState Center event This is an in-person event
Sat, 19 December 2020
07:00PM - 10:00PM (EST)
Event past
Organizer Chinmaya Mission TriState Center Chinmaya Ramdoot Chinmaya Vrindavan
                                                                        कः प्रत्यूहो व्यवसायिनाम् ?
                                                          What is an ‘obstacle’ for the diligent?

Dear friend:

2020 has been a year unlike any other. Most if not all of us are working from home, schools and colleges have moved online and our social interactions have been severely restricted due to social distancing.

Against this backdrop, sevaks of Chinmaya Mission Tri-State Center (CMTC) have shown extraordinary courage and initiative:
▪ Funds in cash and kind were raised to help the front line workers and vicitims of coronavirus
▪ Conducted Summer Balavihar program with 5000+ children attending across the nation
▪ All registration activities have been moved online with cloud based software
▪ All Balavihar classes have been moved online
▪ Teaching procedures have been revised
▪ Teacher training was conducted to adjust to the new realities and
▪  Balavihar classes are being conducted successfully

In Ishwar Darshan, Swami Tapovan Maharaj has said, “What is an obstacle for a hard working person?” The sevaks of the Mission have risen to the challenges this year, continued the teaching activities of Chinmaya Balavihar program in more enthusiasm than ever. Similarly, our temple team has adopted new ways to service our community.

In the same spirit, the fund raising committee has organized 2020 Surabhi program with great enthusiasm. Please join us and generously donate to your ability such that the teaching activities of the Mission can be continued to reach thousands of our children.


Swami Shantananda