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THE WALTER THOMPSON ORCHESTRA This is an in-person event that is also streaming online In person tickets: Streaming tickets: Streaming tickets unavailable at this time
Mon, 13 Dec 2021 (EST)
07:00PM - 08:30PM
Event past
376 9th st
Brooklyn, NY 11215
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The Walter Thompson Orchestra was founded in 1984. All of their compositions are created in the moment using Soundpainting - Thompson's sign language for real time composition. Soundpainting is a multidisciplinary live composing sign language comprising more than 1500 signs.
This unique performance features a number of special guest performers and an expanded percussion section for exploring the outer limits of rhythmic live composition as well as a diverse ensemble of contrasting textures.

Featuring: Walter Thompson (Soundpainter), Erica Mancini (accordion), Sana Nagano (violin), Sam Day Harmet (mandolin), Zach Swanson (bass), Rolf Sturm (guitar), Rob Coltun (guitar), Kirk Knuffke (cornet), Rob Henke (trumpet),  Eleanore Weill (flutes), Christof Knoche (bass clarinet), Chris Washburne (trombone), Stefan Zeniuk (sax), Caitlin Cawley (percussion), Hollis Headrick (drums), Stephen LaRosa (percussion), Andrea Pryor (percussion)