This Party Is Killing You (Aka: THE ROBYN PARTY)!

by The Avalon Lounge
This Party Is Killing You (Aka: THE ROBYN PARTY)! 22 Mar, 2024, 9:00PM to
23 Mar, 2024, 1:00AM (EDT)
Event past
The Avalon Lounge
29 Church St
Catskill, NY 12414
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ADVENTURE[s] Presents: This Party Is Killing You! The Robyn Party

ADVENTURE[s] brings their legendary pop night This Party Is Killing You!: The Robyn Party to Avalon Lounge for the first time in 2024. Join us for Honey House, where we'll be bringing you the hits, the remixes, and the deep cuts....with sweat drippin' from your brow, so hold tight. 

This Party Is Killing You!: The Robyn Party is the original, greatest, and longest-running  pop music tribute dance party celebrating the Swedish goddess of pop, Robyn, in all her many flavors. The now-legendary party and its DJs/creators Russ Marshalek, Marley Magaziner, and Chris Choyce were featured by none other than Robyn herself in her short film Missing U, where she drops in on the party for a surprise DJ set. 

At The Robyn Party you'll hear all of Robyn's hits, b-sides, lost tracks, remixes, aaaannnd just maybe some tunes you won't hear elsewhere, along with your other pop faves like Charli Gaga, Carly, Mariah, and more. More than just a "Robyn's hits" party, The Robyn Party fully-themed, deep-diving,  euphoric, make-out inspiring, uplifting, cry-dancing, life-changing night. 

Some special tunes, giveaways, and surprises are in hold tight! You'll understand why so many sweat-drenched partygoers around the world have been heard to exclaim "The Robyn Party saved my life!"