Thursday Evening Ragas: Artist curated session 30

by Viewcy Studio
Thursday Evening Ragas: Artist curated session 30 This event is streaming online
Thu, 04 November 2021
10:30AM - 10:00PM (EDT)
Event past
Sponsors Shruti Foundation Sneh Arts Pandit Jasraj Institute Kolkata Sitar School Viewcy Studio Arts From India Artist Preetisha mohapatra Indrayuddh Majumder Ambieca Saha Y. G. Srilatha Nikshith Accompanist Sukkanya Ramgopal Aarchik Banerjee Puttur Nikshith

Streaming twice!!

1st: 10:30am EDT / 8pm IST (India)
2nd:  8pm EDT (New York)

An evening of music, free and open to all, curated by the artists themselves, Viewcy's Thursday Evening Ragas is a place to enjoy, discover, and support amazing artists of the Hindustani music tradition.

This event is free, but when you attend, the artists are paid. This project is about supporting artists. 

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The Artists