Thursday Evening Ragas 56

by Viewcy Studio
Thursday Evening Ragas 56 This event is streaming online
Thu, 05 May 2022, 08:00PM (IST)
Sponsors Viewcy Studio Kolkata Sitar School Sneh Arts Pandit Jasraj Institute Artists Indrajit Basu Oindrila Roy Soumalya Mukhopadhyay Supriyo Dutta Sounak Chattopadhyay Curator Indranil Mallick Accompanists Subrata Manna Sanatan Goswami Arpan Bhattacharya Nabarun Datta Chiranjit Mukherjee
An evening of music, free and open to all, curated by the artists themselves, Viewcy's Evening Ragas is a place to enjoy, discover, and support amazing artists of the Hindustani music tradition.
Curated by Indranil Mallick, this event is free, but when you attend, the artists are paid. This project is about supporting artists. Get a ticket or make a donation to support the artists. 
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This Session is supported by our sponsors and Viewcy’s Universal Creator Income Fund

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Made with love,
The Viewcy Team

The Artists