Celebrations of a Journey

by Sitar Niketan
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Sitar Niketan
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Organizer Sitar Niketan
'Celebrations of a Journey' is a  conversation between Sitar & Cello. By Alif Laila & Julian Naimon, in Raags  :Durga ,Malkauns and Sohini. This is an attempt to add freedom and freshness to Indian Classical music with a spontaneous exchange with musical expressions in just the way it is felt not the way it is conceived in the discipline of the music. The cello follows a path created by the sitar and merges and syncs with the raags with its own expression in character and resonance.
The musical story of this concert expresses the various depths of life experiences with the tones and textures of the raags played. The spontaneity of exploring in the exchanges between the two instruments , originating from two hemispheres of the world, represents the universality of shared emotions.
The Raags explored
Durga - 'Alap' portrays the innocence and simplicity of new beginnings The Raag flows onto a 'Jhaptaal' (10 beat cycle) composition with the dance of joy and romance.
Malkauns  - "Alap' elaborating and delving into stretches of deeper vibrations.
Sohini -  The ascending energy of this raag depicts the soulful and emancipated energy.

About the artists:

Alif Laila is an internationally renowned Indian classical sitar player, from Bangladesh, residing in the USA. She is the founder, director, and guru at her music school Sitar Niketan.
Julian Naimon is a mature and brilliant young musician from Wash DC. He has been trained in Western classical since early childhood. He is studying classical cello at the music conservatory, The  Interlochen Center for the Arts in Michigan USA.

This concert has been conceived, composed, directed, and produced by Alif Laila. She dedicates the music to her best friend, Edwina Hoffeld.

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