Church of Visionary Yoga!

by Visionary Yoga
Church of Visionary Yoga! Collaborator Mariko Hirakawa Join me in this Urban Sanctuary where we dive into Yoga's Depth Dimension and take the time to download the gems of insights, and engage in a meaningful conversation to spark deeper inquiry and shift the way we approach our life, work, business and relationships. At this workshop, we will engage in two or more of the following activities: - Mariko's Signature Fluid Creative Vinyasa - Visionary Yoga Rave - a movement meditation to liberate the wisdom of the body and breakthrough limiting beliefs. - Visionary Yoga Mastermind discussions to crystallize the insights, ahas, and new ideas you have during your practice, and to brainstorm how you can apply these ideas to your life, business, and relationships. Let's come together for an inspirational Sunday morning service of deep-dive Yoga, meditation, and dynamic meaningful discussion on how to make the inner shift to overcome your blocks, and step fearlessly into the Bigger You!