Diana Gameros ~ Eterno Retorno

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Diana Gameros ~ Eterno Retorno
Sat, 09 Dec 2023 (PST)
03:00PM - 05:00PM
Event past
Piano Palace
514 Kelly Ave
Half Moon Bay, CA 94019
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Eterno Retorno: on homelands, love, and the vision of what’s possible.

On this night, Diana will play an acoustic version of her entire album, Eterno Retorno, from beginning to end, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its release.

Eterno Retorno is a soulful retrospective of Diana’s journey as a musician and immigrant from Juarez, Mexico to San Francisco. Gameros grew up with music in the house, singing traditional Mexican folk songs alongside her mother at family gatherings. These experiences infused her songwriting which speaks directly to the heart, sometimes joyfully in songs like "Para Papá" and other times wistfully as in the more plaintive "¿Cómo Hacer?" Eterno Retorno is a record which moves from Gameros’ acoustic guitar and reaches distant musical territories. Including nine original songs, fruit of her songwriting skills, and one music transposition of a Claude Bourine poem (“Peut-être”), the opera extensively wonders about hope and homesickness, love and anguish. It is an emotional tribute to the artists’ troubled Mexican roots, but it doesn’t feel sorry for itself, it never cries: it looks forward to getting stronger and keeps fighting.

Diana Gameros in her own words:

"I dedicate this album to all people who live away from their land of origin, especially to the people who for whatever reason cannot return; to the people who dream of the idea of blurring the dividing lines invented by man called borders; to the people who see the Earth as it should be, a home for all where humans can be as whales and birds that move calmly and freely. It is my hope that, while we work for this shift in consciousness to happen, every human being finds solace in love, our body becomes light, our mind opens up and our heart grows wise on our journey home.”

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