'Emerge' with Sitar & Drums

by Sitar Niketan
'Emerge' with Sitar & Drums
Mon, 15 Feb 2021 EST
06:15PM - 09:00PM (EST)
Event past
Organizer Sitar Niketan Artist Felipe Cotta
'Emerge' symbolizes the unbound energy of music.
It is the result of a virtual meeting, of the sitar & drums, with the reality of a shared heartbeat of the universality of music. Felipe's drums from Rio de Janeiro, add pulse to the resonance of Laila's sitar, in Wash DC, as she weaves melodies of raags.
Laila presents three Indian classical raags, each portraying a distinctive mood or emotion to which  Felipe's drums reverberate.  The musical conversation between the two is improvised and all expressions and exchanges are spontaneous.  Each piece is introduced with  'Alap' , a meditative solo sitar segment followed by a rhythmic composition based on the raag/ theme of the main melody.
This collaboration, across the continents, with the help of technology, keeps the positive energy of music flowing to overcome the physical confinements in these darkest of times!

The concert is about an hour in duration. It can be accessed for twenty-four hours after it starts at 5 pm, Feb 14..

Concert Preview: