Full Moon Releasing Ritual

by Nemeton
Full Moon Releasing Ritual This is an in-person event 20 Sep, 2021, 12:00PM to
21 Sep, 2021, 11:00AM (EDT)
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Dayhollow Rd
Endicott, NY 13760
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Organizer Nemeton
You are cordially invited Nemton's 1 day, 1 night Full Moon Releasing Ritual. 

Monday Sept 20th is a Full Moon in Pisces.  This is an opportunity to Ritually Release emotions, beliefs and non-toxic burnable items for those that feel The Call. (For it is difficult to move on or fill up with more when we are bogged down or filled up with things that no longer serve). 

There will be an afternoon Smash Lodge. This is your opportunity to write down whats vexxing you, what feels challenging, what needs to "smashed" on pottery and then smash it to smithereens.
Click here for: More info on Nemeton Smash Lodges.

A FireCircle will follow where we will burn our items and dance our emotional release.
Click here for: More Info on The Mountain's Alchemical Fire Circle Process

Bring instruments, song names that you might like to hear, your sacred adornments, shoes to dance/move in and any altar bits you’d like to bring to clear energy from.

Exchange: By Donation, Suggested donation $10

Where: At Nemeton (The Mountain) Endicott NY

When: September 20 (Monday)
There is an Emergency Holistic Medicine Intensive that starts the following day at 12pm.  If you are not registered for that event, please depart by 11am.  (Click here if you are interested in learning more about the EHM Intensive)

To register email nemetonmwminterns@gmail.com stating your intention to attend, fill out the Nemeton Visitor Form (see below) and join our Discord (see below).  You will be added to a private Channel where there will be a place for discussions and questions prior to arrival.  Once you fill out the Nemeton Visitors Form you will be sent directions to get to The Mountain & instructions on How To Land. 

Make your Exchange/donation here: 

Nemeton Visitors Form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1KdvjKSJeofHQ3IEYRCCyM71sLINtnR3OX_2rJWSNsiU/edit

Discord link:

Mountain Amenities
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