Nourishment (What Keeps You Going?)

by the cell
Nourishment (What Keeps You Going?)
Sat, 20 Jun 2020 EDT
08:00PM - 08:30PM (EDT)
Event past
Organizer the cell Over the course of the next few months, HOLDTIGHT and the cell will present "Bites" all related to the question: What Keeps You Going?, by blending dance, theater, music, storytelling, and film.  Each under 20 minutes in length, the Bites are part of an ongoing process of developing content for HOLDTIGHT's 2021 residency at the cell. Each Bite is an attempt to foster sincere human connection and build empathy in a time when we are all experiencing varying degrees of isolation.  Bite #1: A HOLDTIGHT production Co-Conceived by the company Directed by Gwendolyn Gussman Music by Johnny Butler Edited by Anna Driftmier Performed by: Johnny Butler, Anna Driftmier, Nico Gonzales, Gwendolyn Gussman, and Xenia Mansour