Sitar Niketan Student Concert -Fall 2021

by Sitar Niketan
Sitar Niketan Student Concert -Fall 2021 This event is streaming online Streaming tickets unavailable at this time 26 Dec, 2021, 12:00AM to
31 Dec, 2021, 11:00PM (EST)
Event past
Organizer Sitar Niketan
Sitar Niketan is proud to present Raag Bhupali with various compositions that include  'bandishes'  by Ustad Mir Qasem Khan (guru of Vidushi Alif Laila) and is now being passed on in the 'Guru Shishya Parampara' traditions to the students of Sitar Niketan.
Students of all stages of learning have participated and in the different segments of portraying the beauty and simplicity of  Raag Bhupali.
The Music  (here's a sample :
Raag Bhupali
Sargam Composition
Vimabit Teentaal Gat
Madhyalay Teentaal Composition

The duration of the concert is around 30 mins. 
The  hard work  and sincere efforts put in by all of us at Sitar Niketan to materialize the concert, in these difficult times of the pandemic, has created stronger bonds and has strengthened the flow of continuity of the musical growth of our students.

Sitar Niketan is a result of the lifetime dedication of Vidushi Alif Laila. She is an internationally renowned sitar player, prolific creator, and presenter of Indian classical music with interdisciplinary art forms. She is an accomplished painter and has fused her artistic creativity with the creation of music . 
The philosophy of Sitar Niketan is to establish and portray the deep connection between nature music and life.
The mission of Sitar Niketan is to preserve, propagate and refresh the rich heritage of South Asia through Indian classical music.

Our warmest thanks to you for  taking time to join us at the concert.
Your support and contribution will be greatly appreciated. .

Thank you !
Sitar Niketan team .

* Behind the scenes 
The Music  ~ Original Maihar  ‘gat compositions ‘ by Ustad Mir Qasem Khan expanded with additional compositions by Guru Alif Laila 
Art Durectiin & Watercolor paintings ~ Guru Alif Laila 
Video recording : Guru Alif Laila
Video editing ~ Meem Haque - student at Sitar Niketan
Concert & Event management ~ Sitar Niketan students/ Gargi Patel / Tessie Aikara