The Underlying Grammar of Cholliyattam

by Decoding Kathakali
The Underlying Grammar of Cholliyattam 03 Sep, 2021, 8:25PM to
12 Sep, 2021, 11:55PM (EDT)
Event past
Collaborator Nritya at Penn State Soc for Indian Music & Arts First Edition Arts Indian Classical Music Society of Vancouver Indian Fine Arts Academy of SD
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Cholliyattam, or a Kathakali performance without the elaborate costumes and makeup, is an important part of the training process of an artist. It offers an opportunity for performers to practice and polish their art form. Likewise, for audiences it is an opportunity to decode and follow the underlying grammar of this inscrutable art form. This film serves to show us the multiple, intricate movements, abhinaya (the art of expressing emotion), and gestures that constitute a full blown Kathakali performance.

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