History and Tradition in Kathakali

by Decoding Kathakali
History and Tradition in Kathakali 03 Sep, 2021, 8:25PM to
12 Sep, 2021, 11:55PM (EDT)
Event past
Collaborator Soc for Indian Music & Arts Indian Classical Music Society of Vancouver First Edition Arts Indian Fine Arts Academy of SD Nritya at Penn State Organizer Decoding Kathakali
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In this film we explore the origins and evolution of Kathakali, a performing art form from Kerala, a small state in the deep southwest of India. In this film we discover that many aesthetic features of Kathakali are a part of continuing ancient traditions including elements of temple rituals, regional and local art forms like Theyattam and Kuttiyattam, as well as older martial exercises and physical training cultures. We also learn how the classical and numerous local or “little” traditions came together in the evolution of Kathakali as we know it today. The film also provides an overview of the different styles of Kathakali and the brilliant performers, writers, musicians and actors who have made significant contributions to the form. We learn about its predecessor, Ramanattam, in the 17th century and how the term Kathakali came into being in the 18th century as an amalgam of dance, theatre, music, extensive and captivating costumes and makeup.

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