by Barbès
BIG LAZY Presents: HEART TROUBLE Tickets unavailable at this time This is an in-person event that is also streaming online
Fri, 22 Apr 2022 EDT
10:00PM - 11:55PM (EDT)
Event past
376 9th st
Brooklyn, NY 11215
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Members of Big Lazy and the Milkman & Sons get all bluzey.
Stephen Ulrich  - guitar; Andrew Hall - bass; Marcus Milius - harmonica and Ethan Eubanks drums.

The music of Big Lazy guitarist and band leader Stephen Ulrich has been described as as noir, spaghetti western; compared to Lynch and Tarantino soundtracks and assigned to such genres as  crime jazz and burlesque. Heart Trouble is the maybe less moody, blusier more boisterous young cousin. 
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