Viewcy is 3 things


A Ticketing Platform

Viewcy Viewcy

A Community


Set of Tools to engage the community around your events

Promote together
Promote together
Automate communication
Automate communication
Discussion board
Discussion board
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While other ticketing platforms focus on the transactional selling of tickets, we recognize that there is so much more meaning to an event. Events are about people connecting and sharing new ideas. Events are about discovering artists and creators, getting involved, and nurturing our passions. They are about building community. When all this happens, the experience is memorable. It’s special.

Viewcy gives events a home on the web, and each and every person involved in the event is welcome. It’s a place where people can share their experiences, connect with their community, and it’s a place to buy and sell tickets.

A creative project in and of itself, Viewcy was founded by artists to serve our community in Brooklyn, NY. Working together to throw events took us from creating on the fringe to creating a movement.

Driven by a vision of the world where people come together in an inclusive way, engaging with each other to create meaningful experiences, we set out to build something for everyone.