Repair-Reprogram-Rebuild Full Immersion Retreat

by Natural Healing Collective NYC
Repair-Reprogram-Rebuild Full Immersion Retreat 21 Jul, 2021, 3:00PM to
26 Jul, 2021, 5:00PM (EDT)
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Advisor Stefanie Frank Odalys Villanueva Organizer Akiba Portuondo
We are excited and honored to invite you for a week-long (5 days, 5 nights) full immersion, Repair-Reprogram-Rebuild retreat that will run from July 21 - July 26th. This unique experience will include:
(For more details, see schedule below)
We are offering 3 packages for participants (and one sponsorship option) as follows:
  1. Package #1: 7/21-7/26 $1188 full week, includes all the offerings described above (except Bufo add-on), $1188 (NOTE: This full package is a prerequisite for those that would like to join a future Medicine Guardian Training). 
  2. Package #2: 7/23-7/25 $888 two nights, IMMERSE, both nights of Samadhi, morning Kambo, $888 (Bufo optional for additional donation). Participants will arrive between 3pm and 5pm on Friday 7/23.
  3. Package #3: 7/23-7/24 $288 one night Samadhi ( welcomed to join Saturday Kambo for additional $150) . NOTE: Those choosing only one night must attend on Friday night. There is NO Saturday night only option. Participants will arrive between 3pm and 5pm on Friday 7/23.
  4. Sponsorship Option: Help us bring this medicine to all who seek it. Your generous donation will be used to provide financial aid for those in need.
ALL Packages include meals and camping or temple accommodations — bring your own tent, sleeping bag, etc (indoor accommodations in shared rooms with private bathroom available for an additional $80/person/day in Greenville) 
What is Samadhi?
Samadhi is the given name to the Tepezcohuite plant ceremony. Also known as Anahuasca or Jurema, this is a sacred tool for healing extracted from the Tepezcohuite Root (a tree found in Mexico among other places), as a source of DMT and is dehydrated and combined with Syrian Rue as a monoamine oxidase inhibitor. Because it is a plant of the northern hemisphere, Samadhi is considered to have a frequency that can be easier digested by inhabitants of the north. Odalys and Maya have been apprentices for over 6 years with well-known Maestros Cesar De Morey and Perlita Ames from Mexico. We are from the very few families who facilitate this medicine (Mimosa Tenuiflora) in this very unique way. We call it the "Yo Soy" medicine ("I am" medicine). 
What is Kambo?
Kambo is a medicine from the Amazonas region of Brazil and Peru. Collected from the Phyllomedusa Bicolortree frog, it contains more than 20 identified biologically active compounds that help assist the body, mind and soul in achieving balance, releasing built-up toxins, and healing from a wide-variety of conditions. Many have found it to provide relief from fatigue and chronic pain. Furthermore, it helps imbue those that receive it with the courage and confidence that are characteristic of the Kambo frog. While not strictly psychoactive in the same manner as medicines like Samadhi and Bufo, these qualities make it a natural ally to support a deep immersion when used in partnership with these medicines, while also providing substantial benefits on its own.
What is Bufo?
Bufo is a medicine collected by our family from the Sonoran Desert Toad, Incilius alvarius, that contains the compounds Bufotenin and 5-MeO-DMT. Known for its rapid and deep trajectory, this medicine often brings about profound insight and understanding. Although the acute effects are relatively short, the outcomes can be life-changing.
Who is the Natural Healing Collective?
We are a team of medicine carriers, healers, musicians, artists, friends and family, committed to bringing access to and supporting the use of indigenous medicines, natural healing technics & sustainable health practices, with integrity and honor to assist one another in realizing our fullest capacities. Recognizing the gifts, skills and knowledge that each individual possesses when we come together in intentional community to share, receive, teach and learn together.

Preliminary Schedule:
Wednesday 7/21: Woodstock, NY
Package 1 participants will arrive and begin pre-Ceremony preparations 
Thursday 7/22: Package 1 participants continue pre-Ceremony preparations

Friday 7/23: Greenville, NY (35min from Woodstock)
Saturday 7/24:
Sunday 7/25:
Monday 7/26: Post-ceremony cleanse, cacao ceremony and closing circle Woodstock, NY