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Łukasz Dembiński


Łukasz Dembiński – musician, percussionist and music promoter. Founder of the Foliba band. Passionate about drums and percussion instruments; African drums in particular. His main instruments include djembe, congas, cajon, calabash, dunduns and handpan. Over the last 15 years he has played over 1000 concerts in Poland and abroad (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Tenerife, Morocco, Moldova, Zanzibar, Tanzania) together with such groups as Foliba, Zebra, ŜANĜO and Ngomads. Apart from performing, he runs numerous African drum workshops in collaboration with companies and cultural institutions across the country. At present, he is working and performing with the new trio Ngomads, as well as regularly playing concerts with the Foliba band. At the same time, fascinated with the sound of handpans, he is developing his own solo project and preparing to record his first solo album.