Carnatic Flute Maestro J.A. Yayanth in Concert

by Harmonia
Carnatic Flute Maestro J.A. Yayanth in Concert This event is streaming online
Fri, 08 October 2021
08:00PM - 10:00PM (IST)
Organizer Harmonia
J. A. Jayanth, affectionately called Flute Jayanth by thousands, is a young musician of national and international repute. Born into a musical family, he was naturally drawn into very early training on bamboo flute in the South Indian (Carnatic) classical music tradition by way of the traditional guru-shishya parampara, or master-disciple tradition, from the tender age of five, from his grandfather and guru, late Kalaimamani Flute T. S. Sankaran, himself a Sangeeth Natak Academy awardee and a prime disciple of the legendary Flute Mali. Even before that, his grandmother, late vidwan V. S. Sundari, grounded him well in vocal music.
Driven by his divine in-born talent, deep passion and extensive training, Flute Jayanth gave his maiden solo concert when he was just seven years old. His technical abilities at that age surprised many senior musicians, co-artistes and audience alike.
J. A. Jayanth has a unique, refined fingering and flute blowing technique, which enables him to present his music beautifully even in the very difficult lower octaves  on bass and double-bass, thick-walled bamboo flutes, all the while simultaneously maintaining 'shruthi suddham' or, perfect pitch, as well as tonal quality. His expressive, 'bhava' (emotion) -laden rendering brings out the depth and soul of lyrical aspects of the compositions he presents. As a result, Flute Jayanth's over 1200 solo concerts in India and all over the world, have consistently won him lasting appreciation from one and all, including senior musicians, co-artistes, connoisseurs and rasikas (or, music lovers).