Universal Creator Income Fund Become a patron and support our global heritage. We envision a world where music is rightfully honored and valued. The Universal Creator Income Fund (UCIF) provides artist communities with financing and material support to create new creative works. From April 2021 to April 2022, over 500 musicians from India leveraged the UCIF to generate over $46,000 for their communities. The UCIF is currently funding new projects in Africa, South America, US, and South West Asia. As a patron, you are further empowering creative communities to preserve and grow their music culture for all of us to enjoy, for generations to come. Patron benefits include:
  • VIP access
  • Monthly impact reports
  • Patron status at all performances you attend
  • A 100% tax-deduction
Join for as little as $5 / month 90% is distributed to creators. 10% is used for logistics and operations.
More questions? Check out our Knowledge Base, or email us. We are happy to help. 🙂