Global Handpan and Hang 18

by Viewcy Studio
Global Handpan and Hang 18 This event is streaming online
Tue, 05 Jul 2022, 08:00PM (JST)
Sponsors Hardcase technologies srl Viewcy Studio Artists Pantrix Musicx Jess Lefebvre okada morphine Saman Niksar Curator Michaël Akortia Organizer Global Handpan and Hang

Global Handpan Hang

 Artist-curated session 18

Streaming in 3 times zones on July 5th
8 pm JST (Japan)
8 pm CET (Europe)
8 pm EDT (New York)

An evening of music, free and open to all, curated by the artists themselves, Viewcy's Global Handpan Hang is a place to enjoy, discover, and support amazing Handpan artists.

Curated by Michael Akortia this event is free, but when you attend, the artists are paid. This project is about supporting artists. 

The artists:
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This Session is supported by the Universal Creator Income Fund. People like you contribute to this fund and are supporting these artists.  To find out how to join this group of esteemed patrons, go here.

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#1: .
Artists: okada morphine

.Hi! I’m Morphine from Japan, a pure handpan lover rather than a handpan player.
Thanks for watching this session. Hope you enjoyed it.

#2: JessieCherry and Laytoon Meditative concert
Artists: Jess Lefebvre

Hi there !

Welcome to the JessieCherry and Laytoon performance.
Discover a meditative musical journey inspired by yoga session.
Close your eyes and set free your imagination, sensations and emotions and let you guide by lots of meditative instruments.

Voices, guitar, handpan, ravdrum... 

Enjoy it ;)
With Love frome Brussels,

#3: . My rhythmic melodies
Artists: Saman Niksar

Hi there
Here im playing rhythmic melodies in several Scales of handpan and i hope you enjoy 😍

Tnx for your attention.

#4: Les mots mentent - B2 Deepshello Exploration
Artists: Pantrix Musicx

Since I was a young boy I played to the beat of my heart, now you can listen to them on the internetz... ;)
thx to shellopan,