Global Handpan Hang: Session 7

by Viewcy Studio
Global Handpan Hang: Session 7 Tickets unavailable at this time This event is streaming online
Tue, 24 August 2021
08:00PM - 11:00PM (EDT)
Event past
Sponsors Viewcy Studio Hardcase technologies srl Organizer Global Handpan Hang Artist Adam Maalouf Gabriele Pollina Roberto Tatasciore Francis Leclerc Tai Kimura

Global Handpan Hang

 Artist-curated session 7

Streaming in 3 times zones on August 24th
8 pm JST (Japan)
8 pm CET (Europe)
8 pm in EDT (New York)

An evening of music, free and open to all, curated by the artists themselves, Viewcy's Global Handpan Hang is a place to enjoy, discover, and support amazing Handpan artists.

This event is free, but when you attend, the artists are paid. This project is about supporting artists. 

Share and invite your friends to support more. Buy a ticket to support more. Make a donation to support more.

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