Thanksgiving 2020

by Mary Kelley
Thanksgiving 2020
Thu, 26 Nov 2020 EST
06:15PM - 10:00PM (EST)
Event past
Organizer Mary Kelley Artistic Director Khellar Crawford
Join me in my crystal sound healing practice today as I give thanks for the abundance that surrounds me. Let the synergistic energy of sound lull you into a deep meditation of gratitude. I am grateful this Thanksgiving 2020 for my family and for their understanding and compassion, and for their health. I am grateful for the ever unfolding knowledge of lifesaving information for me and my fellow cancer thrivers - and for the communities who support me. For my doctors and their teams, for the evolving therapies they have used to give me the opportunity to live longer in the pursuits of helping others with their own journeys. I am grateful for forgiveness, painless moments, and calming nourishing breath. And finally, I am so grateful for strength, patience and resourcefulness with which to navigate the challenges of Covid isolation. Let the light of kindness and compassion shine in on your heart while you allow the sounds to reverberate and gently sooth your soul.